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Welly Merck Men's Watch - NYC

I recently went to NYC to shoot a lifestyle campaign for a luxury watch company Welly Merck. On this trip I shot in different locations across Manhattan & Brooklyn,.

This is me at The High Line in the Meat Packing District in Manhattan wearing my Welly Merck watch. If you use the code WLuke50 during checkout, you will receive $50 off your purchase on their website.

Here is a close up look at the watch at The High Line.

Finding a rooftop in Manhattan to shoot on was a dream come true. My brother lives in this building so he took me to the top and it did not disappoint.

After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, I made it to the icon DUMBO. The Empire State Building is seen pictured under the Manhattan Bridge with warehouses surrounding the view.

Here I am walking across a sidewalk with the Flatiron Building pictured behind me. This is another iconic NYC location.

This was the final shot taken for this campaign in front of the Lincoln Center. This floating watch technique was done by tying dental floss to the watch and removing it in Photoshop.

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