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To instill the lifelong values of teamwork and individual discovery through art camp. To build individual character, confidence and skills through a wide range of art, workshops, and cultural activities. 


Individual Goal: To approach each experience and every day as a new and exciting adventure and opportunity to learn and grow. 


Camp Learning Outcomes:


Each students’ Individual Art Piece

  • What is joy?


Group Mural 

  • Inspired by students’ art pieces 


1 group singing song/ dance: 

  • Song “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog/Joy to the World”


1 Video Showcase of the work done throughout the week

  • Documentary style video showcasing the work done throughout the week 

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Union Street Arts Kids Summer Camp 2023 Introduces Guest Artist Shawn M. Vincelette: An Introduction to Mural Painting!
Calling all young artists and creative minds! We are thrilled to announce that renowned artist Shawn Vincelette will be joining us at Union Street Arts Kids Summer Camp 2023 as our guest artist. Get ready for an incredible opportunity to delve into the world of mural painting under the guidance of this accomplished professional.
Shawn Vincilette brings a wealth of expertise and passion for art to our camp, with an extensive portfolio of stunning murals, adorning the streets of Marion, Illinois. Now, he will be sharing his knowledge, skills, and artistic tips with our campers.
During this workshop, on July 17-21 from 9am-12pm, children aged 6-11 will embark on an unforgettable artistic journey. Shawn will guide them through the entire mural painting process, from brainstorming concepts to sketching designs and bringing them to life on a canvas. Campers will discover the power of art in transforming spaces, while honing their creativity, teamwork, and attention to detail.
Our campers will also have the chance to learn about Shawn's own artistic journey and gain insights into the world of mural painting. Through engaging discussions, interactive demonstrations, and hands-on activities, they will be inspired to explore their own unique artistic voices.
Union Street Arts Kids Summer Camp prides itself on providing exceptional opportunities for artistic growth, and this collaboration with Shawn Vincelette is a testament to that commitment. We believe that every child has the potential to create something extraordinary.


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Join Lawrence O’Neill, an educator from New York City, at Union Street Arts Summer camp! With a Masters degree in Childhood Education from City University of New York- Hunter College, and a BFA in Musical Theatre, Lawrence brings a unique blend of academic and performing arts experience to the camp.
Lawrence understands the power and importance of the performing arts and is committed to sharing this passion with his students. As a certified yoga instructor, Lawrence incorporates mindfulness and yoga into his teaching approach.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an experienced educator!

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Maggie O'Neill is coming back to Union Street Arts Kids Summer Camp 2023 all the way from Sweden.
Maggie grew up in Marion, Illinois and is currently a PhD student in educational work at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She has wide experience working with children internationally and she looks forward to enhancing the camp with her broad experience. July 17-21 ages 6-11 / 9am-12pm

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Join media producer Luke O'Neill for an unforgettable week of creativity and exploration at the Union Street Arts kids summer camp. Through his engaging and hands-on workshops, children will delve into the exciting world of documentary videography and photography, unlocking their artistic potential while learning essential technical skills. As an accomplished expert in the field, Luke is passionate about sharing his knowledge and inspiring the next generation of visual storytellers.

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