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Our Podcast Launch Package provides the infrastructure and training for you to launch your own podcast. We take care of all the technical aspects so you can focus on what matters most: content. We’ll help you from equipment selection through to getting the first four episodes up!

Starting at $1,500
Podcast Launch Package Includes

Your first 4 episodes 

Kickoff your first 4 episodes to establish your style and the  workflow of your podcast. We will produce and edit these episodes to Union Street's standards, ready for upload.

Startup & Coaching Guide

Our producer's will help you develop your concept & branding, establish your format, themes, goals, and desired outcomes

Hosting service setup and production / publishing schedule

Cover Art Design & Theme Music

Standout and establish your brand with custom art and music to go with your show.

60 second Teaser Episode 

Build Hype before the show goes live

Custom Intro / Outro

Start and end the show with a motif to bring the viewer in

Create consistency and give your sponsors a shoutout

The 4-week Launch Schedule

Week 1

Equipment Ordered 
Artwork Started 
Music picked out

Week 2

Trailer Episode Recorded 
Artwork Finalized 
Podcast Description Written 
First episode recorded

Week 3

Trailer Episode Finalized 
Podcast Submitted to Directories 
Episodes 2 and 3 Recorded 
Pick a Launch Date

Week 4

Record Episode 4 
Launch with 1, 2 or 3 episodes

Working with Union Street

Here at Union Street, we don’t believe in parceling out quality into tiers.

Every podcast we work on is edited to the same exacting standards.


"Luke has been our podcast producer since it's inception.  In fact, he was a major part of shaping our overarching goals into practical information for our listeners to digest.  He keeps us on task with professionalism and kindness.  The end result post-production is a testament to his commitment to excellence with everything he does.  I immensely enjoy working with Luke and hope to work on future projects."
- Alison Hasler, Small Town Big Business Podcast

Podcasts We Produce (click image for exampe)


Entrepreneurship and Business Opportunities in Today's Small Towns hosted by Russell Williams, Jennifer Olson and Deb Barnett.

Entrepreneurship and Business Opportunities in Today's Small Towns hosted by Russell Williams, Jennifer Olson and Deb Barnett.


Can I really afford to buy a new home? These are the questions that keep us up at night. But the truth is, no one is born knowing how to handle their finances, and chances are walking into a bank to ask someone for help is intimidating! Whether you’re a single person in your early 20’s saving for your first home, or you’re an empty nester wondering what to do with your extra spending cash, this is the podcast for you.
As young females in the banking industry, we love simplifying the confusing yet everyday questions you have about money! To help you combat your fears and empower you to take charge of your finances, we’re bringing the bank to you!


Weekly podcast hosted by Luke O'Neill discussing news at Union Street Arts and the art & business community.

Freedom 4/18 is a platform to help people in need of encouragement and hope. This podcast shares God's unconditional love in context with constitutional freedom and the abundant life that was purchased, as a gift for all, in Jesus' death and resurrection.

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