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Podcast Service

Professional Broadcast Media solutions in Marion, Illinois.

From launching an interview-based podcast, through to turnkey video podcast production, our team is ready to take your show to the next level.

Your Podcast Isn’t Just A Podcast

It’s a lead magnet, a content marketing engine, an extension of your brand. It's efficient content creation and an intimate way to engage with your audience 


Consult with one of our producers for two hours on concept, equipment, style, recording techniques, show format, and everything in between

Get excitement about your show started with a trailer episode and your first 4 episodes edited by Union Street. We’ll also license music for the show as well.

THEME SONG - Small Town Big BusinessLuke O'Neill & Reece Smoot
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Make a splash on social media with custom cover artwork design & music

Ready to pair visuals with your audio? Let the expert team at Union Street help develop your visual brand for the world’s biggest and most robust content discovery systems: Youtube & Facebook

 Welcome Your Podcast Viewers

The way we engage & consume content is evolving. Ensure your show is everywhere your listeners want to be/see

Tune your content: Get actionable insights from Facebook & Youtube’s analytics about what resonates most with your viewers in a way not possible with traditional podcasts

Connect with a larger audience: Three out of four Americans use Facebook & Youtube, watching almost an hour of video daily.

We’ll Help Maximize Your Visibility On The World’s Biggest Visual Platforms


"Luke has been our podcast producer since it's inception.  In fact, he was a major part of shaping our overarching goals into practical information for our listeners to digest.  He keeps us on task with professionalism and kindness.  The end result post-production is a testament to his commitment to excellence with everything he does.  I immensely enjoy working with Luke and hope to work on future projects."
- Alison Hasler, Small Town Big Business Podcast


Podcast  Editing

Let us help you with editing, clips, and show notes so that you and your listeners can focus on the content.

Podcasting doesn't have to be hard

Your dedicated editor will then seamlessly take out filler words and dead air focusing on delivering best listener experience.

Finally, we mix the episode with your intro, outro and ads and return to you a complete podcast ready for upload. Want an even more hands-off experience? Let us handle the uploading as well.

Our Editors & Audio Restoration team uses the latest in computer technology to enhance the sound quality of each individual voice track.


Podcast Management

  • Coordinating Guests and Scheduling Recordings

  • Managing Social Media (Creating Posts, Scheduling Posts, and Engaging with Audience)

  • Monthly Analytics Report

  • Tracking Podcast Metrics (Downloads, Subscribers, Reviews, etc.)

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 2.37.33 PM.png

Podcast Promotion

  • Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Paid Ad Campaigns

  • Collaborating with Other Podcasts in your Niche

  • Creating Promotional Content (Trailers, Audiograms, Clips, etc.)

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